Thursday, March 26, 2015

We're moving forward. :)

“Food desert” is a term that is used to describe areas where fresh produce is a scarcity and obesity rates are startlingly high. Not surprisingly these areas are usually located in large cities and are accompanied by high rates of asthma and respiratory-related illness. This may have something to do with the fact that approximately 1/3 of greenhouse gas emissions are estimated to be produced by the consumption, distribution and production of food. The further from the source a city lays the more perilous the process of getting that food becomes. Vancouver was responsible for self-producing 44% of food consumed in 2009. Imagine the costs saved on transportation, third party handling and public waste! The goal of this endeavor is to create a sustainability resource center complete with an urban farm, green technology, public resource meters, natural energy sources, free public education and several affordable products to offer individuals at all income levels. Mission: "Putting the 'unity' back in community by bringing people together and getting them closer to their food and resources" We're setting up shop here in Hagerstown in hopes of spreading the word of sustainability, but then it is off the the West Coast before finally taking this model to the DRC in Africa! Visit our GoFundMe page and make your contribution today. :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

It is a time for change

Atheism and a general lack of conformity to major religions has a tendency to be viewed poorly in the public eye. I know from networking and just the usual socializing that those that fit that demographic, as a rule, are unhappy with that notion.

When you are struggling with money in life, it is churches and ministries that offer hope with food banks and shelters. Secular people are just as capable of organizing a food drive or applying for grants to build shelters, or starting community projects to occupy the free time of budding youth. I can not take responsibility for the idea: all that I know is that there is a Secular Humanist Ministry in Morgantown.

Churches and ministries do good, or, sometimes, what they are taught is good that is not, necessarily. I think we can start a creative, gentle, humanist revolution by requesting government and state funding as well as sponsorship for community enrichment programs.

The first step is to band together, not just atheists but those who can accept others of any faith and work next to them to support a better world: Ministries all over the world, dedicated to lowering crime, eliminating hunger and pollution, and educating the masses on morality, logic and reason.

If the missionaries sent to Africa had been secular, perhaps the spread of disease could have been severely reduced.

But first, lets start at home and show our nation's people (whatever that nation may be) that a particular religion, or any religion at all is not necessary to live in harmony on our planet.

This group is for any good person looking to help others, help the environment and see real change in their lifetime.